Talk of the Town on Mon 1/17/11

Artist Title Album Label New
Dead Moon Fire in the Western World Strange Pray Tell
Wipers Doom Town Over the Edge
Screaming Trees Smokerings Invisible Lantern
Univox Cannonball I'm a Lying Fuck
Laughing Hyenas That Girl Come Down to the Merry Go Round
Murder City Devils Midnight Service at the Mütter Museum Thelema
Ruin Alter He-Ho
Dangerbird Cop Hat Johnny
Chumbawamba The Land of Do What You're Told A Singsong and a Scrap
Mischief Brew Departure Arrival Smash the Windows
Jonathan Richman I Was the One She Came For O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth
Matthew Hattie Hein Thanks it's Nice to be Invited Split with Mary Lou Lord
Jad and David Fair Frankenstein Monster Songs for Children
EDO This is Your Life Boris Karloff Wrinkles
My Dad is Dead I Had a Dream For Richer, For Poorer
Dinosaur Tar Pit You're Living All Over Me
Red Red Meat Taxidermy Blues in Reverse Bunny Gets Paid
The Butchies So, Goodbye Are We Not Femme?
The Shondes My Dear One My Dear One
Team Dresch Don't Try Suicide Personal Best
The Haggard Go Reverse No Future
Heavens to Betsy White Girl Calculated
Signals Too Modern World Too Modern World 7"
Little Victory Girl in the Glories Demos
God Is My Co-Pilot Sex is For Making Babies + Be Nice to Yr Parents Sex Is For Making Babies
World/Inferno Friendship Society Tattoos Fade East Coast Super Sound Punk of Today
Meisce The Death of Michael Flatley Bored of the Dance
Mutiny High on the Hill Rum Rebellion
Citizen Fish Fill Me Up Thirst
Choking Victim Infested Squatters' Paradise
Anti-Nowhere League We Are the League + Streets of London We Are... The League!
Bucketflush Peeping Tom S/T 7"
N.Y. Dolls Personality Crisis S/T
Radio Birdman Man With Golden Helmet Radios Appear
Rocket From the Crypt Velvet Touch Paint as a Fragrance
Richard Hell and the Voidoids Blank Generation Blank Generation
The Dicks Rich Daddy Kill From the Heart
Poison Idea Lifestyles Kings of Punk
Joe Jack Talcum Get a Car! Home Recordings 1984-97

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You like gossip; we like gossip; everyone in this town likes gossip. Hear the dynamic duo, Charles, and Yoni, play the best and worst music you've ever heard while talking [bleep] about your friend's band. Talk of the Town. Every Sunday night at 12am to 3am. Listen: we're talking about you.