Backpack on Fri 1/21/11

Artist Title Album New
Deerhoof Let's Dance The Jet Deerhoof Vs Evil
Slant Six Instrumental Inzombia
Russian Circles Micah Enter
The Arrivals Positively Wall Street Volatile Molotov
Natural Child Crack Mountain Fuck You
Fucked Up The Black Hats Year of the Pig
Melvins Bricklebrit Joe Preston
Sleep The Suffering Volume One
Skeletonwitch Feast Upon Flesh Worship The Witch
Witchcraft Samaritan Burden The Alchemist
Dead Boys Sonic Reducer Young Loud And Snotty
Guitar Wolf Hurricane Rock Missile Me
Univox Pi Lying Fuck 7"
Sadgiqacea Carpe Noctum Submerged In Manichea


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