Dead Arm on Tue 1/25/11


Artist Title Album New
The Weirdos Do the Dance Demos & Rehersals
Victims Perth is a Culture Shock All Loud on the Western Front
Final Conflict The Lines Have Faded Final Conflict EP
9353 Famous Last Words To Whom It May Consume
Infest Sick O Slave
Chronic Sick Blood Type: X Chronic Sick
Agnostic Front Everybody's A Critic Dead Yuppies
Lärm Dance Till You Drop Extreme Noise
Stimulators Dancing in the Front Lines Loud Fast Rules
Really Red Starvation Dance Despise Moral Majority
Screamers She's The Girl Demos
Brats Punk Fashion Brats
The Reticents Clashing Hearts EP I and II
The Fiends You Make Me Sick We've Come For Your Beer
The Varukers All Systems Fail 1980-2005
Skams Discoglin Discoglin
J.F.A. Sadistic Release We Know You Suck
Minor Disturbance I Drink Back on Track
The Germs No God M.I.A. The Complete Germs
Deadline Aftermath Flex Your Head
Gazoline Sally Sally
Disgust Who Killed Kerwin The Last Blast EP
Youth Korps Disappear '82
S.O.A. Disease I was a Teenage Pencil Neck Geek
Chronic Disorder Spit Rants 1st EP
Distortion Frustrerad Distortion
Disgust Cosmic Dream The Last Blast EP
Clockcleaner Pissing at the Moon Auf-Wiedersehen
Nuclear Assault Brainwashed Survive
Puke Spit & Guts Keep Slashin' Your Wrists Eat Hot Lead
Willful Neglect Gash Abuse Willful Neglect
Flesh Columns Verbal Abuse Code Blue
Child Abuse Child Abuse Bring IT
Poison Idea Self Abuse Pick Your King EP
D.I. Hated State of Shock
Minor Threat Bottled Violence Minore Threat
Lower Class Brats Ultra-Violence Lower Class Brats
Bucket Flush Peepin Tom Bucket Flush
The State Girl Violence No Illusions
SS Decontrol Fight Them The Kids Will Have Their Say
Buzzcocks Pulsebeat Best in Good Food
The Controllers Electric Church Tooth and Nail
Jerry's Kids Uncontrollable This Is Boston, Not LA
S.O.A. Gate Crashers No Policy EP
Agnostic Front In Control United Blood EP
Septic Death Control Need So Much Attention
Reflex From Pain Media Control Black and White
J.F.A. Preppy We Know You Suck
Dark Sea Dream Not Til You Pull That Trigger, Boy Dark Sea Dream
Fuckin Pissed Only Now Exists Again
Negative Approach I Got a Right Friends of No One

Dead Arm

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Tuesday 9-11pm
Punks in the garage, and in the basement. Tune in for classic punk, hardcore, and alternative mess. Featuring regular rotations of new finds and old favorites. I need my tonsils removed.
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