Michelle is Not Asian on Thu 1/27/11

Theme: Rockaholic!

Artist Title Album Label
San Ul Lim It Was Probably Late Summer Seorabeol Record
Dragon Ash Big Town Rhapsody Freedom Victor Entertainment
CN Blue I'm A Loner Bluetory FNC/Mnet
Orange Range Hitomi no Saki ni World World World Spice Records/Super Echo Label Gr8! Records
Ikimono Gakari Akaneiro no Yakusoku Life Album Epic Records
YUI Kiss Me Holidays in the Sun StudioSeven Recordings
Mr.Children Everybody Goes Bolero Toy's Factory
Phonebooth Please Please Please By Me For Me Of Me Open Music
Polysics Pretty Good We Ate the Machine Ki/oon Records
SCANDAL SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase SCANDAL Nanks Buttobase Epic Records
One Ok Rock Jibun Rock Niche Syndrome A-sketch
Tommy heavenly6 Wait Till I Can Dream Tommy heavenly6 DefSTAR Records
KAT-TUN Lips KAT-TUN III Queen of Pirates J-One
B'z My Lonely Town Magic Vermillion
Antic Cafe Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without A Name~ Kakusei Heroism - The Hero without A "Name" Loop Ash, MusicRay'n, Red Cafe
GLAY Global Communication One Love Pony Canyon
Yaksa You Aren't The Loser You Aren't The Loser Freedomroad Records
X Japan Kurenai Blue Blood Extasy
The GazettE Mayakashi Before I Decay Sony Music Records
Alice Nine Subaru Vandalize Tokuma Japan Communications
Cobra Illusion Cobra
Nell Fisheye Lens Seperation Anxiety Woollim Entertainment
EDO FUNK Lm.C Wonderful Wonderholic Pony Canyon

Michelle is Not Asian

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