Killing 'Em Softly on Thu 1/27/11

Artist Title Album New
Agent Orange Surf Beat What Surf Comp.
Zero Boys Aphetamine Addiction Viscous Circle
Naked Raygun I Don't Know Throb Throb
Angry Samoans Lights out
Jay Reatard DOA Matador Singles
THe Godz May You Never Feel Alone Contact High With The Godz
The Fresh and Onlys THe Summer of Love Play it Strange
Oblivians The Leather Pop Favs
Demons Claw At the Disco The Defrosting Of
Ty Segall My Sunshine Melted
Bandname The Noids Breakfast
MC5 looking at you The Big Bang
Radio Birdman What Gives Essential Radio Birdman
JFA Skateboard We Know You Suck
SNFU Black Cloud If You swear you'll Eat No Fish
THe Bouncing Souls Manthem How I spent My Summer Vacation
Swingin Utters Brand New Lungs Brand New Lungs single
Menzingers Time Tables Chamberlain Walts
Bad Religion Suffer Suffer
Dag Nasty I've Heard Can I Say
The Crowd Right Time Beach Blvd.
THe Vidiots lauras lament Keith rides a harley
Adolescents Wrecking Crew Somebody Got their Head Kicked in
Middle Class Out Of Vague American hardcore
Turbonegro Get it on Apocalypse Dudes
Flag of Democracy Home Lobotomy Kit Home Lobotomy Kit
Los Olvidados Pay Salvation Listen to This
Gang of Four Ether Entertainment
Rik L Rik I Got Power Beach Blvd.
Code Of Honor What Price Will We Have to Pay Not So Quiet On the Western Front
Fang Fun With Acid Landshark
Void Who Are You Faith/Void
DRI Snap Dealing With It
Attitude Adjustment Serious Collection
Negative Approach Friends of No One Friends of No One
OFF! Upside Down Upside Down
Dickies Paranoid Incredible Shrinking Dickies
X Riding With Mary Under the Big Black Sun
The Damned Plan 9 Channel 7 Machine Gun Ettiquette
The Arrivals Volatile Molotov Two Years
Elliot Smith Ballad of Big Nothing An Introduction To...
Nobunny Tonight You Belong to Me Raw Romance
The Cramps Tear It Up Songs the Lord Taught Us
Social Distortion Road Zombie Hard Times And Nursery Times
Bouncing Souls Quik Check Girl Maniacal Laughter
Back Woods Payback Blur the Seasons Use Magic To Kill Death
Black Mountain Let Spirits Ride Wilderness Heart
Big Boys History Wreck Collection

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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