Out of the Basement on Fri 1/28/11

First show. Tryin' not to fuck up.

Artist Title Album New
Shook Ones They're Very Yes The Unquotable AMH
Aye Nako The Rind Demo 2010
Bandname Opportunity Breakfast
Pujol Black Rabbit Black Rabbit
The Arrivals Simple Pleasures in America Volatile Molotov
The Riot Before Oregon Trail Rebellion
Frontiers Little Wolves There Will Be No Miracles Here
Builders and Butchers Rotten to the Core Dead Reckoning
Defiance Ohio Oh Susquehanna The Great Depression
Lemuria Chataqua County Pebble
My Heart to Joy Farewell to a Raincloud Reasons to Be
Fucked Up No Epiphany No Epiphany
Algernon Cadwallader Some Kind of Cadwallader Some Kind of Cadwallader
Glocca Morra New Years Eve Glocca Morra/Greek Favorites Split
The Menzingers Time Tables Chamberlin Waits
The Menzingers Tasker Morris Station Chamberlin Waits
The Holy Mess Easy on the Pepsi Fuller Dismount
Watertowers They Weren't Rioting, They Were Singing The Songs So Far
Spraynard The "Z" Sealed it For Me Cut and Paste
Swingin' Utters Brand New Lungs Brand New Lungs
Bridge and Tunnel Call to the Comptrollers Office East/West
Daytrader Kill My Compass Last Days of Rome
Braid Milwaukee Sky Rocket Frames and Canvas
The Get Up Kids Automatic There Are Rules
Caterpillar Swim Away Caterpillar 7"
Castavet Midwestern Values The Echo and the Light
Grown Ups Six More Weeks of Winter More Songs
Good Luck Stars Were Exploding Into Lake Griffy
Good Luck Man on Fire Into Lake Griffy

Monday Night Football

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