Dysnoise on Mon 1/31/11

Artist Title Album New
Infest What's Your Claim No Man's Slave
Infest True Violence No Man's Slave
Infest Sickman No Man's Slave
Left For Dead Skin Graft Spitting Heads
Mike V and the Rats Never Give Up s/t
Grief I Hate the Human Race Miserably Ever After
Mind of Asian One Own Way Akai Hana
Pissed Jeans Dominate Yourself King of Jeans
EyeHateGod Lack of Almost Everything Dopesick
A.N.S. Kooks go home split
Tear It up Don't Call me Tonight Nothing to Nothing
Layers/quake Desert tape 2009
Municipal Waste Black Ice Hazardous Mutation
Pissboys Butt Priest split
Nuclear Death Corpse of allegiance Bride of Insect
Bones Brigade Blue Tile Lounge Focused
Sex Prisoner Judgement s/t
Sex Prisoner Unconditional Hate s/t
Sex Prisoner Ladies of the Night s/t
Chest Pain Getting Old 2010 ep
RKL Think Positive Keep Laughing
Napalm Death You Suffer Scum
Napalm Death Life? Scum
Napalm Death Prison Without Walls Scum
Nuclear Assault My America Game Over
Lemonheads Don't wanna Hate your friends.
Gang Green Skate to Hell Another Wasted Night EP
The Accused Slow Death The Return of Martha Splatterhead
Death Infernal Death Scream Bloody Gore
Insect Warfare Street Sweeper World Extermination
Mindless Mutant Without demo
Spazz Sword of the Lord Crush Kill Destroy
No Friends Sans Opinions No Friends
Crossed Out Force and Crutch
Dystopia Sleep The Aftermath
Mammoth Grinder Iron Pigs Rage and Ruin
Flipper Ever Generic
Disciples of Christ side b 7" demo
Iron Monkey Cornucopia Ruined by Idiots
King Diamond Dressed in White Fatal Portrait


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punx, metalheads, grinders, thrashers, moshers, crusties, losers, weirdos, squares, posers and late night drunk drivers. I want you all here Spike don't play with girls... This is dysnoise