Full End on Tue 2/1/11

Help End Lily's Longing About

Artist Title Album New
Hella Better Get A Broom Hold Your Horse Is
Flössin Untitled 02 Lead Singer
Marnie Stern This American Life Demo
Marnie Stern This American Life In Advance of the Broken Arm
Deerhoof The Merry Barracks Deerhoof vs. Evil
Don Caballero awe man that's jive skip punkgasm
Frank Black Thalassocracy Teenager Of The Year
Descendents Sick-O-Me Everything Sucks
Lagwagon Sick Hoss
Turbo Fruits Want Some Mo' Echo Kid
Smith Westerns End of the Night Dye It Blonde
Portugal. The Man Colors Censored Colors
Deerhoof Behold a Marvel in the Darkness Deerhoof vs. Evil
Omar Rodriguez Lopez El Oyente Mantra Hiroshima
Hella Brown Medal 2003 The Devil Isn't Red

Full End

Jarret Nathan
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Wednesday 4-5pm
Wednesday 2-3pm
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Full end, Full end, Full end.
The equipped will fall with a matter of fact
The unprepared will flourish over the cast of the hum.
He took his things out to the bin and left them there to sit. "These things should sit."
The bin could be called Evolved at the end of the stone walk.
He walked back up the stone walk. Over the cobble.
to the next bin sitting down by the mailbox under the tree.
"What are you putting in the bin today?", the bin said.
"I am putting the whole past in the bin."

He walked with his past in hand, hand in pocket.
The last bin was side by side with a small bush. He tossed the past in the last bin but the pocket came with it.
"I’ve lost a pocket."

Full end.