Killing 'Em Softly on Thu 2/3/11

Artist Title Album New
Social Distortion Road Zombie Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes
Supersuckers Coattail Rider The Smoke of Hell
Didjits Killboy Powerhead Hornet Pinata
Nation of Ulysses Your my Miss Washington DC 13 point program to destroy america
marginal man friend identity
The Arrivals Two Years Volatile Molotov
Menzingers I was born Chamberlain Waits
Sticks and Stones Saved Theme Song for Nothing
Samiam Son Orphan Works
Descendents Everything Sux Everything Sucks
Replacements We're Coming Out Let it Be
Boils Degradation Pride and Persecution
Stalag 13 Black and Grey Conditioned
Bad Brains Big Take Over Bad Brains
Adrenalin OD AOD vs. Godzilla Humoungousfungusamongus
McRad Prevent this tragedy Absence of sanity
Attitude Adjustment Dead Serious Collection
China White Dangerzone Dangerzone
Negative Approach Friends of no one Friends of No One
Part time christians Orthopedic Bowling Shoes Rock and Roll is Disco
YDI Enemy for Life Out for blood
DOA World War 3 War on 45
The Weirdos We got the neutron bomb Weird World
Killer Dreamer Mucho Ecological 1000 years of servitude
Demons Claw Last Time at the pool defrosting of
Generation X From the Heart Generation X
Fear I Lovin in the city The Record
Riverboat Gamblers Sparks and Shots Something to crow about
The Gories Hey Hey we're the gories
Oh Cody No bunny Raw Romance
Black Lips Veni Vedi Venci Good Bad Not Evil
The Godz 1+1=?
The Fresh & Onlys I'm All Shook Up
Marked Men A Little Time
Rocket From the Crypt Cloud from over Branson
Backwoods Payback Blur the season
Screaming Females Laura and Marty
Superchunk Cast Iron
Wipers up front
Dead Moon DOA Echoes Of The Past
Dead Milkmen Surfin Cow
The Jam Going Underground
Shang a lang Friends grow up
Pujol Black Rabbit 7"
Mudhoney Generation Genocide+Let it slide
The Mummies Red cobra 9

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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