Bittersweet Agony on Sat 2/5/11

Artist Title Album New
Kylesa Tired Climb Spiral Shadow
Intronaut Literal Black Cloud Prehistoricisms
Irepress Samus Samus Octology
Iron Thrones I Once Had the Crown The Wretched Sun
Thou By Endurance We Conquer Summit
Jesu Dethroned METAL SWIM
Irreversible Tambora Sins
Isis 20 Minutes/40 Years Wavering Radiant
War Pigs White Sheets Degeneration
Tombs The Great Silence Winter Hours
Unearthly Trance The Horsemen Arrive In The Night V
Converge Distance and Meaning Jane Doe
Ladder Devils Get OK Forget English
Gallows Black Eyes Grey Britain
Narrows Newly Restored New Distances

Bittersweet Agony

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Saturday 12-3pm
Prog Rock, Sludge Metal, Instrumental, Experimental. Let's experience the beauty of musically-induced melancholy together. Tune in with Ebonie and expand your horizon.
Post Hardcore