Talk of the Town on Mon 2/7/11

Reagen Youth Sie tg Heil

Artist Title Album Label New
Crucifucks Hinkley Had a Vision S/T
Dead Milkmen Right Wing Pigeons Big Lizard in My Backyard
Circle Jerks Stars and Stripes Wild in the Streets
Dead Kennedys We've Got a Bigger Problem Now In God We Trust Inc.
Suicidal Tendancies I Shot the Devil S/T
Reagan Youth Reagan Youth S/T
Old Skull Homeless Get Outta School
Dayglo Abortions Ronald McRaygun Feed Us A Fetus
D.I. Reagan Der Fuhrer Team Goon
JFA Equalizer We Know You Suck
Minutemen If Reagan Played Disco Ballot Result
DOA Fucked Up Ronnie Bloodied but Unbowed
MDC Bye Bye Ronnie Millions Of Damn Christians
TSOL Sounds of Laughter American Youth Report
Shattered Faith Reagan Country American Youth Report
MIA All the President's Skin Lost Boys
Wasted Youth Reagan's In Reagan's In
The Damned Bad Time for Bonzo Strawberries
Adolescents The Liar Brats in Battalions
DRI Reaganomics Dirty Rotten LP
The Ramones Bonzo Goes to Bitzburgh Animal Boy
World Inferno Secret Service Freedom Fighting Just the Best Party
Choking Victim Crack Rock Steady No Gods/No Managers
Ska Blazers Gringo No Time for Sippin'!!! EP
Inspecter 7 Sharky 17 The Infamous
Citizen Fish Digging a Hole Active Ingredients
Against All Authority Daddy's Little Girl All Fall Down
Plan A Project Red Devil S/T
Morning Glory Our Job is to Die Tha Suicide Singles
Naked Raygun Holding You Raygun... Naked Raygun
Culture Shock Civilization Street Onwards & Upwards
Big Boys Influence Wreck Collection
Wire Please Take Red Barked Tree
Versus Bright Light Dead Leaves
Absinthe Rose Consistency in Skepticism and Awareness Absinthe Rose/Humanwine Split CD
Humanwine Breathe Absinthe Rose/Humanwine Split CD
Swans Songs for Dead Time White Light From the Mouth of Insanity
Erode And Disappear Lost Way Scythian Lamb
Little Victory You + The City S/T 7"
Theatre of Hate Do You Believe in Westworld? Westworld
Siouxie and the Banshees Suburban Relapse The Scream
Christian Death Cavity - First Communion Only Theatre of Pain
Clockcleaner Chinese Town Auf Wiedersehen
Mikingmihrab Walking Wine Tres Tontos

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You like gossip; we like gossip; everyone in this town likes gossip. Hear the dynamic duo, Charles, and Yoni, play the best and worst music you've ever heard while talking [bleep] about your friend's band. Talk of the Town. Every Sunday night at 12am to 3am. Listen: we're talking about you.