Killing 'Em Softly on Thu 2/10/11

Artist Title Album New
GBH Give Me Fire
Wrangler Brutes White Out
Kid Dynamite Copout
Poison Idea Taken By Surprise Feel the Darkness
Attitude Adjustment Dope Feind
Scream Who Knows? Who Cares?
The Arrivals Two Years
Operation Ivy Sound System
Fishbone Ma and pa
The Specials A Message to Rudy
Hot Water Music Freightliner
Swingin Utters Brand New Lungs 7"
Samiam Home Sweet home
The Menzingers Time Tables
Shang a lang Friends Grow Up
Avail Fix
Agnostic Front Power
Fix Vengence
Government Issue Sheer Terror
political crap slow death
Aggression Rat Race
Shattered Faith Right is Right
MIA (punk band!!!!) Who Will Survie
UXA Tragedies
Killer Dreamer Mucho Ecological
Buzzcocks Everybody's Happy Nowdays
Pujol Black Rabbit
The Breifs orange alert
Exploding Hearts Throwaway Style
Dry Feet Long Live Dry Feet
The Ghastly Ones THunderbird
Nobunny Oh Cody
Davila 666 mala
The Fluid Black Glove
Archers of Loaf Web in front
Sonic Youth The Sprawl
Big Black Bad penny
Killing Joke Requim
Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers heaven in Stereo
Demon's Claw At the disco
Wanda Jackson Shakin All over
A-Bones Button Nosre
Dwarves Drug Store
Richard Hell Blank Generation
Dils Class War
Black Flag Rise Above
Faction Skate and Destroy
Ruin Life After Life
Germs Richie Dager's Crime
TSOL I'm Tired of Life
fIREHOSE Brave Captain
Minutemen Shitt from an old notebook
The Vandals Urban Struggle

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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