Music that Keeps You Up at Night on Fri 2/11/11

Artist Title Album Label New
Thou Grissecon Summit
Ominous Black Free Will is a Lie Designed to Make Existence Interesting Part 1 Ominous Black/Sadgiqacea Split
Black Anvil Ultimate Reality Triumvirate
Sadgiqacea Thy Will Be None Ominous Black/Sadgiqacea Split
Kylesa To Forget Spiral Shadow
Lavinia Destroy Yourself There is Light Between Us
*Shels The Ghost Writer Laurentian's Atoll
Constants Genetics Like Chess Pieces The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascention
Latitudes Antechamber Agonist
Latitudes Agonist Agonist

Music that Keeps You Up at Night

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Tune in for post-rock, metal, post-metal, and a mix of other genres. Whether it's loud or quiet, this music will keep you up at night... or middle of the day... or whenever the show is on...