Dissociative Identity on Sat 2/12/11

Delighted to have The National Rifle for an interview in studio for their upcoming shows. Daytrader, White Fence, Native, Sharks Keep Moving, and much more. I am also planning on playing one of Hella's live, 10 min songs to end it all off. This is all in preparation to thbe next two weeks: 2.19 Bleeding Fractals & Ted Nguyent will be doing their thing followed by Bear Quest on the 26th. So tune in and enjoy: isn't the calm before the storm so refreshing?

Artist Title Album New
Stereolab Everybody's Weird Except Me Not Music
Rodan Tooth-Fairy Retribution Manifesto Rusty
Daytrader Grey-Colored Glasses Last Days of Rome
Smith Westerns Still New Dye It Blonde
White Fence Sticky Fruitman Has Faith Is Growing Faith
The Six Part Seven Everything Wrong is Right Again Casually Smashed to Bits
Wild Nothing Golden Haze Golden Haze
Sic Alps I Know Where Madness Goes Pleasures and Treasures
Surf City Headin Inside Surf City EP
This Will Destroy You Threads This Will Destroy You
Bright Eyes Shell Games The People's Key
Native Something About Swordsmanship We Delete; Erase
Sharks Keep Moving Jet's Jets S/T
Maserati Monoliths Passages
Woven Bones Janie Needless EP
El Ten Eleven Living on Credit Blues Every Direction is North
Japanther The Windex Tut Tut Now Shat That Butt
Marvins Revolt Folks Ain't Sleeping Killec
Lanterna Brightness Highways
Foals The Race For Radio Supremacy Antidotes
Football, etc. Catch The Spirit First Down
Everyone, Everywhere Blown Up Grown Up Everyone Everywhere
Gifts From Enola We Watched Them Lose Our Minds Loyal Eyes Betrayed The Mind
KC Accidental instrumental died in the bathtub and took the daydreams Anthems for the Could've Bin Pills,
Hella Gothspel For You Not Them Homeboy

Dissociative Identity

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If your high school band was a clone of Cap'n Jazz and the only movie soundtrack you own is Friday Night Lights, Dissociative Identity is for you. Tune in for all that is math, lo-fi, garage, indie rock, and post-hardcore, with Dissociative Identity on WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm.
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