Out of the Basement on Fri 2/18/11

Hey so I messed up the playlist on Friday. Apologies to Aye Nako and all of the former members of Rosa.

Artist Title Album New
Very Okay Soil Small Loud
Aye Nako Let It In Demo 2010
Rosa Starch + Carbohydrates I Mississippi You
We Will Drive These Warlords Out The Wild The Wild
The State Lottery Cities We're Not From Cities We're Not From
Fake Problems Dream Team It Feels Great to Be Alive
Bomb the Music Industry I Don't Love You Anymore Get Warmer
The Arrivals Two Years Volatile Molotov
The Gaslight Anthem Great Expectation The '59 Sound
The Riot Before You Can't Sexy Dance to Punk Fist Buried in Pockets
Resevoir Still Demo
Captain, We're Sinking Crushed By Milwaukee's Best It's a Trap!
Ceasefire Tunnel Vision When Empires Fall
One Win Choice Frame Your Favorite Pictures Conveyor
Rowsdower Hospital Windows Demo
Snowing Kirk Cameron Crowe Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit
The Menzingers Time Tables Chamberlain Waits
Jawbreaker Want Unfun
Brand New Seventy Times 7 Your Favorite Weapon
Daytrader Last Days of Rome Last Days of Rome
Such Gold Sycamore Pedestals
Piebald American Hearts We Are the Only Friends We Have
Sidekicks Weight of Air Weight of Air
Gang of Four You'll Never Pay for the Farm Content
Samiam Clean Orphan Works
Negative Approach Cargo Cult Friends of No One
Kid Dynamite Cheap Shots Youth Anthems Shorter, Faster, Louder
The Greek Favorites Wax Wings Greek Favorites/Glocca Morra Split
Football Etc. Safety The Draft

Monday Night Football

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