The Philly Sound on Tue 2/22/11

Artist Title Album New
Charlie Hunter Day is Done Songs From the Analog Playground
Marcus Strickland The Pilgrimage Open Reel Deck
Robert Glasper Trio Downtime Double Booked
Korey Riker BYOB Prehumous
Joe Truglio Unchanged Past Life
Kevin Hays Sco More Blues The Dreamer
Tommy Guerrero Bullfights on Broadway Lifeboats and Follies
Anat Fort Trio Clouds Moving And If
Korey Riker Temporary Visa Prehumous
Charlie Hunter Run For It Songs from the Analog Playground
Aaron Dugan Prologue Theory of Everything
John Zorn Ishtar The Goddess
Radiohead Little By Little The King of Limbs
The Books There is no There The Lemon of Pink
Joe Trugio Peace Walk Past Life
Aretha Franklin Sister From Texas Hey Now Hey
Bill Withers For My Friend Live at Carnegie Hall
Jason Lindner Worrisome Now Vs. Now
June Divided The Other Side of You The Other Side of You

Whatever I Feel Like

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Its whatever I feel like. Because sometimes I feel like jazz, or rock, or soul, or R&B, or other things that aren't even worth classifying into genres. And because this is free format radio and I have the opportunity to not follow a format.