Noodle Dudes on Tue 2/22/11

I just wanna know when Dillinger Five is coming out.

Artist Title Album New
The Measure (SA) Roof Beers Songs About People And Fruit And Shit
Hot Water Music Rooftops No Division
The Loved Ones Candy Cane The Loved Ones
Kudrow Commutilation! Lando
Digger Slur Monte Carlo
Direct Hit Werewolf Shame Split w/ Mixtapes
The Mr. T Experience She's Not A Flower Yesterday Rules
Crimpshine Summertime Some Weird Comp
Timeshares Woke Up In Grappler School Split w/ Captain We're Sinking
Alkaline Trio Trucks And Trains From Here To Infirmary
Bridge And Tunnel Call To The Comptrollers Office East/West
Cheap Girls Her And Cigarettes Find Me A Drink Home
Negative Approch Kiss Me Kill Me Friends Of No One
Gang Of Four Do As I Say Content
The Arrivals Positivly Wall Street Volatile Molotov
Everyone Everywhere Tiny Town Everyone Everywhere
When I Was 12 Bones Live At WKDU
Tigers Jaw Coil/Recoil Two Worlds
Kid Dynamite Handy With The Tounge Sword Shorter,Faster, Louder
ConAir Byrne Hornberger, Yes! This Sounds Good If You're...
Reservoir Just Stay Gone Demo
Glocca Mora Weekend At Glen Bernies III Songs In The Key of "Ayeee"
Daytrader Living Last Days Of Rome
NoFX The Marxist Brothers Wolves In Wolves Clothing
The Vandals An Idea For A Movie Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
The Methadones Undeided The Methadones
Dillinger Four #51 Dick Buttkus Midwestern Songs Of The Americas
Latterman Fear And Lothing On Long Island No Matter Where We Go!
Overdrive Home Again Too Far To Turn Back
Screeching Weasel It's All In My Head Wiggle
Pinhead Gunpowder Mahogony Carry The Banner

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