Talk of the Town on Mon 2/28/11

Talk of the Tizzy is about to get busy

Artist Title Album Label New
Bucket Flush Running Naked From the Cops Bucket Flush
M.O.T.O I Talk in Cliches No Way Street
Low Budgets Caveman Go For Broke
Bhopal Stiffs I Came for You 1985-1989
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers Do You Love Me Live at the Speakeasy
13th Floor Elevators I'm Down Elevator Tracks
Electric Love Muffin One Year Removed Play Doh Meathook
The Replacements Alex Chilton Pleased to Meet Me
Billy Bragg There is Power in the Union + Help Save the Youth of America Talking with the Taxman About Poetry
Jawbreaker Condition Oakland 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
J Church Cosmonaut The Horror of Life
The Bangs Train Wreck Sweet Revenge
The Rondelles Drag Strip Race Fiction Romance, Fast Machines
Cub Freaky Box of Hair
Tuscadero Latex Dominatrix The Pink Album
The Shondes My Dear One My Dear One
Mischief Brew From the Rooftops + The Gypsy, the Punk, and the Fool (A Tale) Smash the Windows
Guignol Agada Drink the Best Wine First
Absinthe Rose Diggin Ditches & Escaping Holes Diggin Ditches & Escaping Holes
Humanwine You Are Free Absinthe Rose/Humanwine Split
Rock*A*Teens To Lady Ben and All Her Friends Noon Under the Trees
Little Victory Cool Girls S/T 7"
Dan Cunneen Shoot & Share The Answer/Shoot & Share 7"
Kurt Vile Early Dawn In My Time 7"
Jay Reatard An Ugly Death Matador Singles 08
Delicate Steve Butterfly Butterfly/Albatross 7"
Bunnydrums Stop PKD/Simulacra
9353 Spooky Room We Are Absolutely Sure There is No God
Thatcher on Acid Is it Art? Curdled
Dead Milkmen Six Days Eat Your Paisley
Los Reactors Be a Zombie Discog
The Residents Swastikas on Parade (segment) The Third Reich 'n Roll
New York Dolls Jet Boy S/T
The Knife Silent Shout Silent Shout (Putting away music music)

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You like gossip; we like gossip; everyone in this town likes gossip. Hear the dynamic duo, Charles, and Yoni, play the best and worst music you've ever heard while talking [bleep] about your friend's band. Talk of the Town. Every Sunday night at 12am to 3am. Listen: we're talking about you.