Music that Kills Puppies on Mon 2/28/11

It's like a heavy metal burrito, in that you will get tetanus after consuming.

Artist Title Album Label New
Black Thai The Ladder Blood from on High
Sadgiqacea Nature's Antidote Split w/ Ominous Black
Dragged into Sunlight I, Aurora Hatred for Mankind
Dødsengel Evocation of Amezarak Mirium Occultum
Dissection Frozen The Somberlain
Sarcous A Summons to the Gathering Sacred Stars
Eternity Void Acres of Steel To Conjure Black Circles
Death To Forgive is to Suffer The Sound of Perserverance
Stench of Decay Where Death and Decay Reign Where Death and Decay Reign
Death Breath Sacrifice (Bathory cover) Let it Stink
Razor Behind Bars Violent Restitution
BSOM Human Segmentation Life Among Nothing
Abigail Apocalyptic Nuclear Hell Far East Necromancers
Syphilitic Vaginas Motor Demon 12" EP
Dawnbringer Cosmos Disease Catharsis Intact
Mayhem Necrolust Deathcrush
The Beyond Under the Banner of Hate Split w/ The Blood Meridian
Celtic Frost Circle of the Tyrants Morbid Tales
Sacrificial Blood Unholy Wrath Unholy Wrath/Unpleasent Scenarios
Satan's Satyrs Devil Deeds Lucifer Lives!
Ruins Rape for Satan Baptized in Hell
Repulsion Festering Boils Horrified
Rotten Sound Brainload Napalm
NOISEAR Fraudulent Subver the Dominion
Burn the Priest Bloodletting Burn the Priest
Terorizer Corporation Pull-In World Downfall

Music that Kills Puppies

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Big Balls, Bigger Riffs.

I command you to listen to Music that Kills Puppies. And, no, I don't mean the music Michael Vick listens to. Scare away your friends and family with music that your grandma thinks sounds like hedge-clippers. Not bound by stigma, creed, or ethos; a potent mix of the most hellish music this world has to offer.