Noodle Dudes on Tue 3/1/11

We held a moment of silence for Vectorman, as today is the 15th aniversery of his death. Also, One Win Choice played live and then when they were done, talked about how they all love to eat animal products.

Artist Title Album New
NoFX The Brews Punk In Drublic
Propaghandi Fixed Frequencies Potemkin City Limits
The Arrivals Simple Pleasures In America Volatile Molotov
Against Me! Ed Is Sexy Stolen Demo
Digger Pieces The Promise Of An Uncertain Future
Misfits Bruiser Cuts From The Crypt
Dangers Saved By The Buoyancy of Citrus Messy, Isn't It?
Lagwagon Messengers Let's Talk About Feelings
Iron Chic Shit/Giggles Shitty Rambo 7"
Alkaline Trio Fall Victim Crimson
Cheap Girls Pure Hate Split w/ Lemuria
Daytrader Grey-Colored Glasses Last Days Of Rome
Negative Approch Cargo Cult Friends Of No One
Devotchka Ruthless 100 Lovers
Teen Idols Forever In My Dreams Full Leather Jacket
The Vindictives Structure And Function
Off With Their Heads Clear The Air In Desolation
The Bouncing Souls Joe Lies (When He Cries) The Good, The Bad And The Argyle
Lemuria Sophmore The First Collection
Junior Battles Basements 7"
Guided By Voices Little Lines Mag Earwhig
Red Collar Stay Pilgrim
The Promise Ring Why Did We Ever Meet? Nothing Feels Good
Braid Nineteen 75 The Age Of Octeen
Daryl Happy Accidents Ohio
Averkiou Wasted And High No Idea Comp
Asptai Paving Ways In Cliché Suits Corruption Conceled
The Ergs! More Vocal In The Monitor Hindsight Is 20/20
The Holy Mess Goodbye 3713 Benefit Sesh
Screeching Weasel Every Night Anthem For A New Tomorrow
Diarrhea Planet Ghost With A Boner Aloha
Chinese Telephones Live Like This Chinese Telephones
Pinhead Gunpowder I Walk Alone Goodbye Ellston Avenue
American Steel Smile On Me Destroy Their Future
Noise By Numbers Northern Lights Yeah, Whatever...

Noodle Dudes

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