Out of the Basement on Fri 3/4/11

Artist Title Album New
Kid Dynamite Cop Out Shorter, Faster, Louder
Like a Record Player The Lawrence Arms Oh! Calcutta!
The Gaslight Anthem Wherefore Art Thou Elvis? Senor and the Queen
Polar Bear Club Living Saints Chasing Hamburg
A Death in the Family This Letter's Proof Small Town Stories
The Arrivals Envelope Song Volatile Molotov
The Arrivals Simple Pleasures in America Volatile Molotov
Dear Landlord Lake Ontario Dream Homes
The Menzingers Home Outgrown Chamberlain Waits
The Holy Mess Captain We're Drinking DISMOUNT
One Win Choice Who Threw Out The Itinerary Conveyor
The Bouncing Souls Neurotic The Good, The Bad, and the Argyle
CEASEFIRE For Mitch Summer Jamz
The Drug War Complexes Filling Voids
Watertowers The Weren't Rioting, They Were Singing The Songs So Far
Title Fight Youreyeah The Last Thing You Forget
Chotto Ghetto Walk is Godlike Walk is Godlike
The Rip Title Fight Mute Print
I Know Monsters Well Punkin Pie Broke Truck Good Luck
Hold Tight! One Foot Down Can't Take This Away
Knowledge Operation Ivy Operation Ivy
Grown Ups Six More Weeks of Winter More Songs
Bomb the Music Industry There's My Bailout R Good Enough
With The Punches No Blood, No Foul It's Not the End of the World
Daytrader Kill My Compass Last Days of Rome
Bayside Already Gone Killing Time
The Get Up Kids Automatic There Are Rules
Good Luck Stars Were Exploding Into Lake Griffy
The Wild The City that Never Sleeps The Wild
Builders and the Butchers Moon is on the March Dead Reckoning
Latterman There's Never a Reason Not to Party Turn Up the Punk, We'll Be Singing

Monday Night Football

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