Talk of the Town on Mon 3/7/11

Artist Title Album Label New
Pissed Jeans Lip Ring King of Jeans
Deathrats I'm Fine To Live a Lie Sampler
Signal Lost Contaminated You'll Never Get Us Down Again
Skull Defekts No More Always Peer Amid
Flag of Democracy Fiberboard Orb Down With People
Mondo Gecko Brother of Blashphemy To Live a Lie Sampler
Antidote Dancing on a Bomb No Communication
Flux of Pink Indians Take Heed Strive to Survive
Born Against Riding With Mary Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure
Rorschach Oppress Autopsy
Henry Rollins No One Hot Animal Machine
Peace Corpse Distaste Terror of History
Moss Icon Gravity It Disappears
Pegboy Through My Fingers Three-Chord Monte
2.5 Children Inc. Anti-Man Anthology
Stockpile Heaven's Gate + An Advertisement Demo 2011
Coke Bust No One to Impress To Live a Lie Sampler
Sakatat Elli Yillik Ruyamiz To Live a Lie Sampler
Conga Fury True News To Live a Lie Sampler
Boredoms Pow Wow Now Soul Discharge
Rubella Ballet Slant and Slide 42˚ F 12"
Rudimentary Peni Rotten to the Core Death Church
Ruin Make Believe Fiat Lux
Russian Meatsquats Theme + Brockstrap Let's Hang Out
Bucket Flush Running Naked From the Cops S/T 7"
Hump Yard No Rent Demo
Violent Society You're Gonna Fall You're Gonna Fall 7"
Crackbox Cop Out 2010 Tape
Tension Generation Paint Our Eyes Black and Blue
Farcial Hoodwink I Hate the UN S/T
Kablammo Zombie BBQ S/T
Menzingers I Was Born Chamberlain Waits
The Broadways The Nautical Mile Broken Star
Plow United Spindle S/T
Fifteen My Congressman Lucky
Plaid Retina Descend the Sick Pink Eye
The New Christs Burn Out of Time Detrius EP
Angelic Upstarts Guns for the Afghan Rebels 2,000,000 Voices
English Dogs Psycho Killer Mad Punx + English Dogs
Sham 69 Angels With Dirty Faces Best Of
Midnight Creeps The Kids are Screaming Singles/Splits/ Demos / Live
Red Alert Foreign Affairs We've Got the Power
Crisis Holocaust + Frustration Discography
Really Red Youth Culture for Sale Rest in Pain
Dicks George Jackson These People
Die Kreuzen Among the Ruins Octoberfile
Seminal Rats F.U.S.T. Omnipotent
Didjits Monkey Suit Que Sirhan Sirhan
Murder City Devils Pressgang In Name and Blood
New Bomb Turks Drop What You're Doin' Scared Straight
Marked Men Red Light Rumors Ghosts
The Hex Dispensers Are You an Assassin? S/T
Dangerbird Face of Reason II Johnny

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You like gossip; we like gossip; everyone in this town likes gossip. Hear the dynamic duo, Charles, and Yoni, play the best and worst music you've ever heard while talking [bleep] about your friend's band. Talk of the Town. Every Sunday night at 12am to 3am. Listen: we're talking about you.