Killing 'Em Softly on Thu 3/10/11

Artist Title Album Label New
Saccharine Trust I Have
Naked Raygun treason
Misfits Vampira
Descendents Coolidge
Los Olvidados Bang Bang
Aggression Intense Energy
Part Time Christians Strength through Bowling
Negative Approach Friends of No
Stalag 13 Black and Grey
Fugazi And the Same
Bikini Kill Rebel Girl
Superchunk Fishing
O. Rex Rawhide
Nobunny Oh Cody
Jay Reatard Rotten Mind
Dave Allan and The Phantom Surfers The Sound of Breaking Glass
Agent Orange Too Young To Die
McRad Dominant Force
Scream Bet you never thought
Killer Dreamer Night Marcher
Samiam Stepson
Jawbreaker THe Boat Dreams from the Hill
Shang a lang Fashion Before Community
The Arrivals Water, Water Everywhere
Smoke or Fire Integrity
Against Me! We Laugh at Danger (and Break All the Rules)
The Menzingers Rivalries
One Win Choice In Studio
Ink and Dagger In-Studio

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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