Wayfarer covered by carolyn on Fri 3/18/11

Jenny Owen Youngs came in and played lovelllyyyy songs. Here's what was played in the mean time!

Artist Title Album Label New
Delicate Steve Welcome-Begin Wondervisions
Hezekiah Leaves / The Spinning Joneses The Mountain Song The Spinning Leaves and Hezekiah Jones Performing As...
Marianne Dissard La Peau Du Lait L'Abandon
Dodos Black Night No Color French Kiss
Daniel Martin Moore All Ye Tenderhearted In the Cool of The Day
Sports Played Yourself Sports
Jessica Lea Mayfield Our Hearts Are Wrong Tell Me
The Cave Singers Swim Club No Witch
Darwin Deez Radar Detecter Darwin Deez
Delicate Steve The Ballad of Speck and Pebble Wondervisions
Dum Dum Girls Wrong Feels Right He Gets Me High
The Babies Breakin' The Law The Babies


  • Wednesday 8-10pm
  • Friday 4-6pm
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