The Afternoon J covered by kevin.m on Fri 3/25/11

Artist Title Album New
the Black Ryder What's Forsaken Buy The Ticket, Take the Ride
DelicateSteve Sugar Splash Wondervisions
Spoon If You Say So All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed
Evergreen New York City Evergreen
Wire Low Down Pink Flag
Don Caballero Haven't Lived Afro Pop American Don
Eric's Trip Not Yours Purple Blue
Thursday Introduction Waiting
Cloak/Dagger In My Orbit Lost Art
Minutemen Untitled Song For Latin America Double Nickels on the Dime
This Is Jazz Lonely Bones Warehouse
U.S. Christmas Say Sister Eat The Low Dogs
Pissed Jeans A Bad Wind Hope For Men
Elliot Smith Pictures of Me either/or
Scholastic Deth On The Road of Life... Final Examiner

The Afternoon J

This program is not on the schedule.
Friday 2-4pm
A collection of up and coming and alternative hip hop music with blues, electro, and rock music making occasional appearances.