The Frequency on Sun 3/27/11

Artist Title Album Label New
Seefeel Dead Guitars Seefeel
Master Musicians of Bukkake Coincidentia Oppositorum Totem Two
Heart Land Stella Solaris Heart Land
Eternal Tapestry Galactic Derelict Beyond the 4th Door
Grails Future Primitive Deep Politics
Emeralds Now You See Me Does It Look Like I'm Here
Oneohtrix Point Never Stress Waves Returnal
Gregor Samsa Untitled 27:36 + 2Dot
Grouper Heavy Water/I'd Rather be Sleeping Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
J Mascis Make It Right Several Shades of Why
Creepoid Emily Horse Heaven
Arc in Round 3 AM All the Way Diagonal Fields
The Telescopes Spaceships Untitled Second
No Joy You Girls Smoke Cigarettes? Ghost Blonde
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart My Terrible Friend Belong
The Jesus and Mary Chain Here Comes Alice Automatic
Ooga Boogas Sentimental Stranger Sentimental Stranger 7"
The Mantles Don't Lie The Mantles
Come Car Car/Last Mistake 7"
Naked on the Vague The Gift Twelve Dark Noons
Obits Standards Moody Standard and Poor
Circle Pit Speed Limits Bruise Constellation
Mike Watt Finger-Pointing-Man Hyphenated-Man
Chalk Circle The Look Reflection
The Fall Victoria Seminal Live
Bassholes (Gonna) Write Me a Letter Deaf Mix Vol. 3
Flipper Life is Cheap Generic
Scratch Acid Unlike a Baptist Just Keep Eating
M Ax Noi Mach Creeper Sits In the Shadows
The Body A Body All the Waters of the Earth Turned to Blood
Young Widows Rose Window Future Heart 7"
The Flesh Eaters Ten Inch Razor No Questions Asked
The Misfits Some Kinda Hate Static Age
The Faith Say No More Subject to Change
From Ashes Rise The Final Goodbye Nightmares
Swans Beautiful Child Children of God

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Tune in every Sunday night from 20:00 to 22:00 for a variety of music spanning the decades: classic and modern psychedelia, shoegaze, indie rock, twee, post punk, garage, avant garde, industrial, folk, and punk.
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