The Philly Sound on Mon 3/28/11

Artist Title Album New
Joe Truglio Unchanged Past Life
Korey Riker BYOB Prehumous
Brad Mehldau Knives Out Day is Done
John McLaughlin Peace One My Goal's Beyond
Bil Frisell A Worthy Endeavor Beautiful Dreamers
Bill Frisell Old Times Sign of Life
Ahmad Jamal One Live in Concert - Cannes France '81
Guillermo Klein Richard Live in Barcelona
Ali Farka Toure Timbarma Ali Farka Toure
Ali Farka Toure Singya Ali Farka Toure
Venissa Santi Como Fue Bienvenida
Cannonball Adderley Planet Earth Sextet in New York
Ernest Stuart From This Moment On Solitary Walker
Ernest Stuart September in the Rain Solitary Walker
Bill Withers Kissin My Love Still Bill
Emerson B. Trapped (In This War)
Eddie Kendricks Girl You Need a Change of Mind

Whatever I Feel Like

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Its whatever I feel like. Because sometimes I feel like jazz, or rock, or soul, or R&B, or other things that aren't even worth classifying into genres. And because this is free format radio and I have the opportunity to not follow a format.