Acoustical Delight on Mon 3/28/11

Artist Title Album New
Company of Thieves The Fire Song Ordinary Riches
The Dodos When Will You Go No Color
Charlene Kaye Amber Light Thing I Will Need In The Past
Acid House Kings Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends? Music Sounds Better With You
Lay Low By And By Farewell Good Night's Sleep
Dimestore Mystery Hands & Numbers Tea Leaves
Iron & Wine Half Moon Kiss Each Other Clean
Joe Brooks Hello Mr. Sun Constellation Me
Barnaby Bright Don't Look Down Wake The Hero
Goodbye Picasso Notes And Measures The Book of Aylene
Chris Ayer Roy G. Biv Don't Go Back to Sleep
Rosi Golan & Human Shine Shine - Single
Jessica Lea Mayfield Blue Skies Again Tell Me
Darren Criss Don't You Human
Gold Motel Sunshine All Night Summer House

Acoustical Delight

This program is not on the schedule.
Monday 1-2pm
Bringing the best of singer-songwriter and acoustic pop. Whether it's a rainy day and you're sitting in bed or a sunny day and you're eager to get up and dance, we'll put on a song to suit your mood! Feel good music is what it's all about on "Acoustical Delight."
Acoustic pop