Foundation covered by Kyle on Wed 3/30/11

Artist Title Album
Serengeti Ozzie Guillan Dennehy
Themselves Feat. Serengeti Keys to Ignition theFREEhoudini Mixtape
Ill Mondo & Neal Rames Feat. Prince Po Scriptures Ill Mondo & Neal Rames
BK One With Benzilla Feat. P.O.S. A Day's Work Radio Do Canibal
Scanz Right Now The Basement Chronicles
ONEdependent & Taki 76 Feat. Count Bass D ONE Radio Recession
Cage Agent Orange Movies For The Blind
MF Doom Feat. Vast Aire Da Supafriendz Unexpected Guests
Edan Feat. Father Time You Suck Primitive Plus
Mr. Lif Feat. Murs Murs Iz My Manager Mo' Mega
Atmosphere Puppets When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold
Big Boi Feat. Gucci Mane Shine Blockas Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
Cannibal Ox Feat. Alaska & Cryptic Atoms The Cold Vein
Vice Verse Do Not Enter Dreamland Cookinville
Delicate Steve Butterfly Wondervisions
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Penguin In Bondage Roxy & Elsewhere
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Pygmy Twylyte Roxy & Elsewhere
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Dummy Up Roxy & Elsewhere


Jenn Louie
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bleepy, bloppy, funky, fidgety, grindy, dirty, jackin house
Electronic dance