Killing 'Em Softly on Mon 4/11/11

Artist Title Album Label New
The Wipers Youth of America
Crackbox On My Feet
Off! Upside Down
The Riverboat Gamblers Rattle Me Bones
The Replacements Don't Ask Why
Death of Samantha Savior City
Superchunk Learned To Surf
Shang-A-Lang Friends Grow Up
Snuggle Heart Beat
88 Fingers Louie 100 Proof
McRad Shredhead
Scream Total Mash
The Trowels Heavy On The Lime
MIA Voices in the Dark
Social Distortion Playpen (13th Floor)
Plow United Generator
Fishbone Party at Ground Zero
Mike Watt Arrow-Pierced-Egg-Man
Hank III Hillbilly Joker
Hallow's Eve Lethal Tendencies
The Birthday Party The Friend Catcher
Ween Push Th' Little Daisies
Hunx and His Punx Lover's Lane
Black Lips Let it Grow
X Nausea
Ruin You
Ruin Make Believe
45 Grave Evil
T.S.O.L. Other Side
Kid Dynamite Bookworm

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