Out of the Basement on Thu 4/14/11

Stay Sweet Fest is tomorrow so its all stuff from that. So stoked.

Artist Title Album New
Junior Battles Basements S/T
The Dopamines You'd Make a Good Horsecop Expect the Worst
Direct Hit We Are Alone #1
Hold Tight Can't Take This Away Can't Take This Away
Signals Midwest "Hi I'm Wilford Brimley and I Have Diabeetus" Burn the Blueprints
The Riot Before Threat Level Midnight Fists Buried in Pockets
Timeshares Woke Up in Grappler School Captain We're Sinking/Timeshares split
Daytrader Kill My Compass Last Days of Rome
The Sidekicks Weight of Air Weight of Air
Sundials The Names That Matter Most First Six Songs
The Wild They Too Will Know The Wild
Monument No Sleep, All Play Goes Canoeing
Grown Ups Three Day Weekend More Songs
Bridge and Tunnel Targeting Practices Indoor Voices
Bomb the Music Industry Syke Life Is Awesome To Leave or Die on Long Island
Tigers Jaw I Saw Water Tigers Jaw
The Menzingers Tasker-Morris Station Chamberlain Waits
The Menzingers I Was Born Live @WKDU
Captain We're Sinking Crushed by Milwaukee's Best It's a Trap
Spraynard Spooky, Scary Funtitled
Everyone Everywhere I Feel Fine Everyone Everywhere
Slingshot Dakota The Golden Ghost Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours is the Golden Ghost
Algernon Cadwallader Spit Fountain Fun
Glocca Morra Bedford Avenue Glocca Morra/Greek Favorites Split
Snowing Mark Z Danielewski I Could Do Whatever I wanted if I Wanted
The Greek Favorites Songs to Churn Butter to Grounded
Restorations Val D'Or Restorations
Restorations Sideways House Restorations
Restorations Broken Vacuum Restorations
Restorations When You're Older Restorations
Carnivores Darker Days Chandelier
The Builders And The Butchers I Broke the Vein Dead Reckoning
Smoke or Fire Porch Wine The Speakeasy
Spraynard I Care Not Funtitled
RVIVR Cut the Cord Self Titled
Latterman 'Dozer Rage We Are Still Alive
Screaming Females Fall Asleep Castle Talk

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