University Goes Ska on Tue 4/19/11

Artist Title Album
Baba Brooks The Clock
Eastern Standard Time Eye of the Storm
Bim Skala Bim No More Forever
Dub Trio Drive By Dub
Owen & Leon Silvera Running Around
2 1/2 White Guys No More Hiding
Bad Manners Echo 2+4
Deal's Gone Bad Movin' On
Amos Clark Chatty Chatty Woman
Cedric Im Brooks Mun-Dun-Gu
Planet Smashers Change
No Sports Summer
Lower East Side Buck Monkeys Can't Drink
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra World Ska Cruise
The Slackers Mountainside
Hepcat Club Meditation
Rude Bones Rain
The Caroloregians Hootchie Corner
Westbound Train Salvation
Stranger Cole & Lester Sterling Bangarang
The Specials I Want To Go Home
The Pietasters Pietaster
King Django It's All Over
The Big Chain Pub
Skandalous All-Stars Columbus All-Stars
The Aquabats Captain Hampton And The Midget Pirates
The Aggrolites Lightning and Thunder
Roy & Millie We'll Meet
Roland Alphonso Old Fowl Ska
Chris Murray I'm Ready For Love
The Skatalites Twelve Minutes To Go
Bunny & Skitter When The Well Runs Dry

University Goes Ska

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Hey you, don't watch that, watch this! Tune in to University Goes Ska for the rudest in ska with your host Monika. All your favorites in first wave, rocksteady, 2 tone, and third wave ska! I take ska requests too!