Out of the Basement on Thu 4/21/11

I did a ska block today. Not a joke.

Artist Title Album New
Titus Andronicus A Pot in Which to Piss The Monitor
Screaming Females Laura and Marty Castle Talk
The Wild The Saddest Thing I Ever Saw Set Ourselves Free
Laura Stevenson and the Cans Master of Art Sit Resist
Polar Bear Club Light of Local Eyes Chasing Hamburg
Lifetime The Verona Kings Jersey's Best Dancers
Punkin Pie I Know Monsters Well Broke Truck Good Luck
Hold Tight! Irony is for Fuckers Can't Take This Away
Yo Man, Go! Get Living or Die Trying Discography
Latterman Fear and Loathing on Long Island No Matter Where We Go
Iron Chic Cutsey Monster Man Not Like This
Thousandaires Memos Million Dollar Move, Two Dollar Shot
The Skatastrophes Hang On for Dear Life 'Bout Damn Time
The Fad Leaving Cleveland Kill Punk Rock Stars
We Are the Union I'm Like John Cusack Who We Are
Daytrader Kill My Compass Last Days of Rome
Title Fight Symmetry The Last Thing You Forget
Spraynard Not Good Enough Gary Funtitled
Spraynard Joe Gallagher's Fantasy Fun Camp Funtitled
Tigers Jaw Two Worlds Two Worlds
The Menzingers Rivalries Chamberlain Waits
Watertowers They Weren't Rioting, They Were Singing The Songs So Far
One Win Choice Who Threw Out the Itinerary Live @WKDU
Reservoir Just Stay Gone Demo
Glocca Morra New Years Eve Greek Favorites/Glocca Morra Split
Algernon Cadwallader Serial Killer Status Some Kind of Cadwallader
Restorations Nonlocality Restorations
My Heart to Joy Farewell to a Rain Cloud Reasons to Be
OFF Panic Attack The First Four EPs
The Dickies Eve of Destruction I Don't Know Someone Requested it
Andrew Jackson Jihad Little Prince Ghost Mice/AJJ Split
Mountain Goats Beautiful Gas Mask All Eternals Deck
Frank Turner Photosythesis Love, Ire, and Song
Against Me! Sink. Florida. Sink. As the Eternal Cowboy
Smoke or Fire Expatriate The Speakeasy

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