Dysnoise covered by SeanL on Mon 4/25/11

Ryan has Abserdo, I have your radio listening ears. And, yes, the transmitter is making everything sound like a feces sandwich.

Artist Title Album New
Maim Nuclear Funeral Deceased to Exist
Toxic Holocaust Wild Dogs An Overdose of Death
Torch Fire Raiser Fire Raiser
Total Fucking Destruction Everything you Need But Nothing you Want Hater
Testament Disciples of the Watch The New Order
Former Thieves I Cant Get There from Here The Language that We Speak
Vulcan March of Insanity Stranger in Black
Spazz Spazz vs. Mother Nature split w/ Brutal Truth
Spazz Nuge on a Stick split w/ Brutal Truth
Spazz donger split w/ Brutal Truth
Miasmal Toxic Breed Miasmal
Miasmal We Will Live Forever Miasmal
Ken Mode Batholith Venerable
Thrashington DC Egg Raid on Mojo (Beastie Boys cover) To live and Die in BMO
Acid Witch Sabbath of the Undead Stoned
Weekend Nachos 10 Things I Hate About You Punish & Destroy/EP
Bad Brains Banned in DC Bad Brains
Saviours Slave to the Hex Accelerated Living
Merciless Total Destruction Behind the Black Door
Insect Warfare Disassembler This Comp Kills Fascists
Impaled You Are the Dead The Last Gasp
Atrophy Killing Machine Socialized Hate
S.O.D. No Turning Back Speak English or Die
Mantic Ritual Panic Executioner
Putrid Coffinshaker Morbid Awakening
Liers in Wait Angel of Death (Slayer cover) Spiritually Uncontrolled Art
Havok Fatal Intervention
Rotten Sound Power
Detestation Sky Rape
Kreator Flag of Hate


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punx, metalheads, grinders, thrashers, moshers, crusties, losers, weirdos, squares, posers and late night drunk drivers. I want you all here Spike don't play with girls... This is dysnoise