Dead Arm on Tue 5/3/11

Artist Title Album New
Shellac Be Prepared Excellent Italian Greyhound
Roman Soldiers Yuppie Fires Roman Soldiers
Factums Three Sheets Rider Factums
Naked on the Vague Old Leader Naked on the Vague
Little Claw Movies for You Little Claw
FNU Ronnies Meat FNU Ronnies
Mutators Paper Words Brody McKnight's Album
TV Ghost The Nihilist TV Ghost
Wet Hair Ordinary Lives Wet Hair
The Skull Defekts Peer Amid Peer Amid
Circle X Albeit Living Circle X
United Mutation Own Way Fugitive Family
Middle Class You Belong Out of Vogue
Naked Raygun Only In America Code Blue
The Commandos You're Not the First One Big Hits of Mid-America
Agent Orange America Living In Darkness
No Milk on Tuesday USA Today Pressure Sensitive
K.G.B. Dying in the USA Can You Hear?
Subhumans America Commits Suicide No Wishes, No Prayers
The Sillies Apparition America's Most Wanton
Youth Patrol America Process of Elimination
Agnostic Front Final War United Blood EP
Necros Peer Pressure IQ32
Necros Wargame IQ32
The Meatmen Snuff 'Em Blud Sausage EP
Wehrmacht United Shoebrothers Shark Attack
White Mice Microjackass
The F.U.'s Radio UNIX USA This Is Boston, not L.A.
Gaunt USA Whitey the Man
J.F.A. Middle America We Know You Suck
Ghoul Jerusalem A Farewell to Arms
Mandroids Children's Crusade Technical Demonstration
Blunder Boys Middle Class Morals Get Off My Back
Tot Rocket and the Twins Fun Fades Fast in the USA Tot Rocket and the Twins
Eater Thinking of the U.S.A. Thinking of the U.S.A.
Cause for Alarm United Races Cause for Alarm EP
The Infected Enemy I American Disaster EP
Solger American Youth EP
Rebels and Infidels American Citizen Corporate Picnic
OFF! Black Thoughts First Four EPs
The Middle Class Above Suspicion Tooth and Nail
Reagan Youth U.S.A. Youth Anthems for the New Order
J.F.A. Preppy We Know You Suck
White Flag Middle Class Hell Peace Split
Toxic Reasons God Bless America God Bless America

Dead Arm

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Punks in the garage, and in the basement. Tune in for classic punk, hardcore, and alternative mess. Featuring regular rotations of new finds and old favorites. I need my tonsils removed.
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