The Frequency on Sun 5/8/11

Artist Title Album Label New
Belong A Walk Common Era
Master Musicians of Bukkake Prophecy of the White Camel/Namoutarre Totem Three
Eternal Tapestry Galactic Derelict Beyond the 4th Door
Silver Apples Ruby Contact
The Alps Spray Easy Action
People of the North Summer Leaves Deep Tissue
Explosions in the Sky Trembling Hands Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Tame Impala Desire be Desire Go Innerspeaker
Dangerbird Heracles Johnny
Metal Mountains Structures in the Sun Golden Trees
True Widow Wither As High As the Highest Heavens and From the Center to the Circumference of the Earth
Soror Dolorosa Autumn Wounds Blind Scenes
Alcest Printemps Emeraude Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde
Nothing Last Day in Bouville Demo
A Place to Bury Strangers Keep Slipping Away Exploding Head
The Young Swollen Sweet/Swollen 7"
Times New Viking Want to Exist Dancer Equired
Jim Shepard Untitled (Track #2) V-3 Next Record
Mudhoney Dead Love Mudhoney
Vee Dee Howling at the Sun Vee Dee
The Birthday Party Ho Ho Prayers on Fire
Pierced Arrows Caroline Pierced Arrows
Fucked Up Do You Feed? (The Curry Song) David's Town
Cocksparrer Riot Squad Shock Troops
Dillinger Four Noble Stabbings Situationist Comedy
Flag of Democracy All That You Need 23
Crass The Greatest Working Class Rip-Off Christ - The Album
The Ex Life Whining Catch My Shoe
Tragedy Chemical Imbalance Tragedy
Iron Age Burden of Empire The Sleeping Eye
Refused Summer Holidays vs. Punk Routine The Shape of Punk to Come
Rites of Spring For Want Of Rites of Spring
The Hated Waiting What Was Behind
Fugazi Waiting Room 13 Songs
Bauhaus Waiting for the Man Press Eject and Give Me the Tape
Nomeansno Tired of Waiting Wrong
D.O.A. Waiting for You Hardcore '81
Butthole Surfer Waiting for Jimmy to Kick Rembrandt Pussyhorse

The Frequency

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Tune in every Sunday night from 20:00 to 22:00 for a variety of music spanning the decades: classic and modern psychedelia, shoegaze, indie rock, twee, post punk, garage, avant garde, industrial, folk, and punk.
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