Lame Ass Dudes on Mon 5/9/11

Artist Title Album Label New
Electric Wizard Preistess of Mars
Flipper The Way of the world
Samhain Mother of Mercy
Descendents Good Good Things
Title Fight 27
Kid Dynamite Cheap Shot Youth Anthems
Avail Nickel Bridge
7 Seconds Spread
Minor Threat Seeing Red
Bad Brains Re-Ignition
OFF! Darkness
Thee Oops Drive Carefully
Fear We Gotta Get Out of this Place
Ruin Proof
Suicidal Tendencies Won't Fall in Love Today
Poison Idea Alans on Fire
The Trowels Ready to Fire
Fugazi Burning Too
The Fluid Black Glove
Mudhoney Something So Clear
The Birthday Party Nick the Stripper
Rezillos Somebodys gonna get their head kicked in tonight
Mike Watt Arrow-Peirced-Egg-Man
Minutemen Search + Tension
fIREHOSE Riddle of the Eighties + In My Mind
Big Boys Funk Off
The Arrivals Two Years
Bouncing Souls Gasoline
Swingin Utters Brand New Lungs
Smoke or Fire Monsters Among Us
One Win Choice Act Your Age
Menzingers I Was Born
The Dirtbombs Ever Lovin Man

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