Dead Arm on Tue 5/10/11

Artist Title Album New
No Age Losing Feeling Losing Feeling
Social Suicide 30 Second Holiday Mixed Nuts Don't Crack
Code of Honor Waiting Always Beware the Savage Jaw
No Class No More War Broken Message
Oblivians Live the Life Play 9 Songs with Mr. Quintron
Atom and His Package Waiting Room A Society of People Named Elihu
U.X.A. Social Circle Tooth and Nail
The Germs Circle One M.I.A. The Complete Germs
Anti Social Traffic Lights Anti Social
Media Disease Anti Social Hit & Run
Negative Element National Socialism Meathouse Comp
The Proletariat Decorations Soma Holiday
Adolescents Word Attack The Adolescents
Modern Creatures The Waiting Room Modern Creatures
Chronic Disorder Waiting Big City's One Big Crowd
Savage Circle We Don't Have To Meathouse Compilation
S.O.A. Gate Crashers No Policy EP
Red Red Red Crash Mind Destroyer
The Fast Cars Crash The Best of The Fast
A Frames 33333333333 A Frames
Violent Mohawks Get Out and Crash Intensive Care Unit
D.R.I. Snap Dealing With It
Spastic Rats Snap Judgement Rodentia
K.G.B. Picture Frame Seduction Can You Hear Me?
Nyx Negative Idioterna Cassette
Urban Waste Public Opinion Urban Waste
Dry Feet Shoobie Death March Philadelphia Beach
Psychedelic Horseshit I Hate the Beach Laced
Black Pus The Wise Toad Pus Bus
Deadbeats Brainless Kill the Hippies EP
Youth Brigade Barbed Wire Possible
Bad Brains The Regulator Max's Kansas City
Swingin' Utters Bent Collector of 1,000 Limbs Here Under Protest
Musical Suicide My Brain Hurts Little Fish in the Big Sea
Countdown Zero Blastoof/Brainless Montreal/New York Connection
Pissed Jeans I'm Sick Shallow
The Casualties Brainwashed On The Front Line
Brainwash Sulak Records Presente
Fugazi Bed for the Scraping Red Medicine
Judge Warriors (Blitz Cover) New York Crew
Bored Youth To Label Is to Limit Touch & Go
The Mob Label It Upset the System
Warrior Kids Ville Morte 77 KK
The Vopos Warrior The Vopos
Post Mortem TV Message From Camp Sunshine
Disgust Violent TV The Last Blast EP
Descendents Ride the Wind Ride the Wild/It's a Hectic World

Dead Arm

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Punks in the garage, and in the basement. Tune in for classic punk, hardcore, and alternative mess. Featuring regular rotations of new finds and old favorites. I need my tonsils removed.
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