I Speak for the Trees on Wed 5/11/11

Songs recorded between 1910 and 1919.

Artist Title Album
Victor Military Band Ballin' the Jack
Victor Military Band Meadowbrook Fox Trot
Victor Military Band Blame It on the Blues
Arthur Pryor's Band Temptation Rag
Fred Van Eps A Ragtime Episode
Victor Dance Orchestra Jolly Jingles
Victor Military Band Slippery Place Rag
Fred Van Eps Red Pepper Rag
Conway's Band Hungarian Rag
Europe's Society Orchestra The Castles in Europe
Felix Arndt Desecration Rag (A Classic Nightmare)
Six Brown Brothers Down Home Rag
Pietro Deiro Melody Rag
Signor "Grinderino" The Georgia Grind
Edward T. King Operatic Rag
Hurtado Brothers Royal Marimba Band of Guatemala Guatemala-Panama March
All Star Trio Alcoholic Blues
Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra Happy
Original Dixieland Jazz Band Fidgety Feet
Paul Biese Novelty Orchestra When You're Alone
http://drupal.org/node/1154780 A Classical Spasm
Harold Veo's Orchestra Don't Leave Me Daddy
Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band Li'l Liza Jane
Sergeant Markel's Orchestra Sweet Emalina, My Gal
Yerkes Jazarimba Orchestra Roses at Twilight
Banda Municipal de San Juan, P.R. Carmelillo
Vess Ossman's Banjo Orchestra Kangaroo Hop
Morton Harvey The Memphis Blues
Gene Greene Alamo Rag
American Quartet Another Rag
American Quartet The Skeleton Rag
Esther Walker Sweet Kisses
Marion Harris Don't Leave Me, Daddy
Al Jolson That Lovin' Traumerei
Arthur Fields Ja-da
Billy Murray and Ed Smalle I Ain't 'En Got 'En No Time to Have the Blues
American Quartet That College Rag
Marion Harris Everybody's Crazy 'Bout the Doggone Blues, But I'm Happy

I Speak for the Trees

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