The Naked Gun on Thu 5/12/11


The pie charts don't lie. 60% of today's broadcast material came from Germany during the Nixon administration. "And how," I'd say - if asked. Let me tell you.

The tale of the tape was long and wild. From the frizzy crud of COOL FEET and OLD LUMBER to the glandular twists of GASH and HEINZ FUNK onward through the woozy pains of NYRVANA PANCAKE to the patronizing ecstasy of SLOOPY POOPY. This morning's broadcast had it all.

A band called HELEN KELLER. A song called JIMI HENDRIX. 2 kinds of MISFITS. 3 kinds of DUKES.


- ss

Artist Title Album
Holger Muenzer Drop Out
Linval Thompson Thompson in Dub
Ric Conley & The Skyliners Convicted
Cravats Gordon
Gash In the Sea
Helen Keller Dump on the Chumps
Novak's Kapelle Hypodermic Needle
Misfits Who Killed Marilyn?
Lony & the Misfits Ltd. Make Me Love
Pralins Jumpin' Run
PVC2 Put You in the Picture
Dukes The Dentist
Dukes of Stratosphear Bike Ride to the Moon
Dukes I'm An Unskilled Worker
The Fall Jawbone and the Air-Rifle
Heinz Funk Electronic Combo
Nyrvana Pancake Open Your Eyes
Those Orion 2000
Pogues Wild Cats of Kilkenny
Sham 69 Hurry Up Harry
Old Lumber Water Sprite
Slaves Panic
Kaplan Flury Jimi Hendrix
The Birthday Party Loose (Peel session)
Motherhood Negrito
Cool Feet Mister
The Driver Better Off Crazy
Dave Gordon & His Rebel Guys Call Me
Charles Ryder Corporation White Flames
Blackbirds Space
Acme Sewage Co. I Can See You
Big Black Bad Houses
Amon Düül II Soap Shop Rock: Burning Sister
Revolutionaries Dunkirk
Rainbows Sloopy Poopy
The Five Torquays / The Monks There She Walks
Prisoners Bride of Devil
Thee Mighty Caesars Kinds of Women

The Naked Gun

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