Backpack on Fri 5/20/11

later than scheduled, still shredding

Artist Title Album
Fu Manchu Sleestak Daredevil
Pissed Jeans A Bad Wind Hope For Men
Nausea Godless Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol.1
Kylesa Descend Within Kylesa
Erode and Disappear Spirokeets Erode and Disappear
Botch Saint Matthew Returns to the Womb We Are the Romans
Young Widows Glad He Ate Her Settle Down City
Don Caballero And And And, He Lowered The Twin Down World Class Listening Problem
Japandroids To Hell With Good Intentions No Singles
Mammoth Grinder Frozen Extinction of Humanity
This Is Jazz Lonely Bones Warehouse
Deathrats I'm Fine S/T 45"
Sadgiqacea Thy Will Be None Split w/ Ominous Black


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