The Shuffle on Fri 5/20/11

Hey! Look who actually showed up for once.

Artist Title Album New
Battles Atlas
Lightning Bolt SOS Earthly Delights
Balance and Composure Quake Seperation
Happy Body Slow Brain Time Dreams of Water
Happy Body Slow Brain The Flight Dreams of Water
Legs Like Tree Trunks Annabelle Legs Like Tree Trunks
This Town Needs Guns If I Sit Still Maybe I'll Get Out of Here Split
J. Mascis Several Shades of Why Several Shades of Why
Stinky Smelly Guerilla Gorilla Stinky
Weekend End Times Sports
Lotus Plaza Sunday Night
Wolf Parade I'll Believe in Anything Apologies to Queen Mary

The Shuffle

This program is not on the schedule.
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Friday 9-10am
Like you hit the shuffle button in my head.