Dysnoise covered by SeanL on Mon 5/23/11

More MDF. NEVER STOP THE MDF. Then new music. Ryan and Kerri are posers.

Artist Title Album New
Tragedy Conflicting Ideas Nerve Damage
Doom Nazi Die Total Doom
Dropdead Paths to Glory split w/ Converge
Aura Noir Black Thrash Attack Black Thrash Attack
Deathrats I'm Fine S/T
Total Fucking Destruction Human is the Bastard Hater
Rotten Sound Self Cursed
Vulcan Stranger in Black Strapped into Reality
Autopsy Bridge of Bones Macabre Eternal
Ken Mode Batholith Venerable
Gallhammer The End The End


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punx, metalheads, grinders, thrashers, moshers, crusties, losers, weirdos, squares, posers and late night drunk drivers. I want you all here Spike don't play with girls... This is dysnoise