Noodle Dudes on Tue 5/24/11

This Item Is On Sale And I Am No Longer Afraid To Buy

Artist Title Album
Joe McMahon Irish Handcuffs Wasted Potential
Lifetime Theme Song For A New Brunswick Basement Show Jersey's Best Dancers
Junior Battles Basements Junior Battles
The Replacements I Will Dare Let It Be
Get Up Kids Overdue On A Wire
Common Rider True Rules Last Wave Rockers
The Riverdales You Know You Do Phase 3
The Muffs Really Really Happy Really Really Happy
Saves The Day A Drag In D Flat Ups And Downs
Astpai 360 Per Second Heart To Grow
Grown Ups Orange Cat Most Songs
Brendan Kelly Quincintuple Your Money Wasted Potential
Propaghandi Rock For Sustainable Capitalism Potemkin City Limits
The Promise Ring Is This Thing On? Nothing Feels Good
Cobra Skulls Life In Vain Bringing The War
Chinese Telephones Live Like This Chinese Telephones
Tigers Jaw Windmills Two Worlds
Dillinger Four Folk Song. Situationist Comedy
Direct Hit How When And Why Direct Hit Anthology
The Holy Mess I Think Corduroy Is Making A Comeback Benefit Sesh
Restorations West River Restortations
OSHIT The Hospital Song Trimmings
Spraynard The Denver Broncos Vs. The Denver Broncos Funtitled
Connor Byrne Hornberger, Yes! Tare
Rob, Lately I Think I'll Start Smoking Tiny Heart
NoFX The Brews Punk In Drublic
Lemuria Pleaser Pebble
Kid Dynamite K05-0564 Kid Dynamite
The Ergs! Every Romance Language Hindsight is 20/20
Bad Astronaut Greg's Estate Acrophobe
Brand New Jude Law And A Semester Abroad Your Favorite Weapon
Teen Idols Big Girl Now Pucker Up!

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