Dead Arm on Tue 5/31/11

All the Hits and none of the Misses

Artist Title Album New
The Black Bug Make Her
T.S.O.L. No Way Out T.S.O.L./Weathered Statues
Black Flag Wasted The First Four Years
Adolescents Kids of the Black Hole Adolescents
Victims Perth is a Culture Shock All Loud on the Western Front
Modern Creatures Thick Thick Black XLG
The Germs What We Do is Secret M.I.A.: The Complete Germs
D.R.I. I'd Rather Be Sleeping Dealing With It
Bad Brains Fearless Vampire Killers Black Dots
Wire 12XU Pink Flag
J.F.A. Guess What? We Know You Suck
Negative Approach Pressure Negative Approach EP
D.I. Guns Team Goon
Victims I'm Flipped Out Over You Victims
GG Allin Don't Talk To Me Banned in Boston
J.F.A. We Know You Suck We Know You Suck
D.R.I. Slit My Wrist Dealing With It
Dead Milkmen Bitchin' Camero
Sluggo Figure It Out Slug Go!
Dillinger 4 How Many Punks Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb
Minor Threat Straight Edge First 2 7"s
The O Voids Record On The O Voids
Wards Reagan The World Ain't Pretty and Neither are You
Catatonic Youth I've Had It Catatonic Youth
Naked Raygun Rat Patrol Huge Bigness
Suicidal Tendencies Memories of Tomorrow Suicidal Tendencies
Reatards I'm So Gone Teenage Hate
Nodzzz I'm Not A Wanderer Innings
Hunx and His Punx Lovers Lane Too Young to Be in Love
X Los Angeles Beyond and Back
Vast Majority I Wanna Be a Number Vast Majority
The Dickies You Drive Me Ape The Dickies
Disco Zombies Drums Over London Drums Over London
Disturbed President's Dead Disturbed
J.F.A. Skateboard We Know You Suck
Red Transistor We're Not Crazy Red Transistor
The Varukers No Education The Varukers
Circle Jerks Operation Group Sex
D.R.I. Counter Attack Dealing With It
Reagan Youth (Are You) Happy? Youth Anthems for the New Order
D.I. Richard Hung Himself Team Goon
Flipper Ha Ha Ha Flipper
The Freeze I Hate Tourists The Freeze
Necros I Hate My School IQ32
The F.U.'s Preskool Dropout This is Boston, Not L.A.
YDI Get Up and Fight/Zombie Youth A Place in the Sun EP
Youth Korps Disappear '82
Minor Threat Seeing Red Minor Threat EP
Deadbeats Final Ride Kill the Hippies EP
7 Seconds We're Gonna Fight Rock Together
Black Flag Fix Me The First Four Years
Chronic Disorder The Final Line First EP
The Crowd Modern Machine The Crowd
The Freeze Trouble If You Hide This Is Boston, Not L.A.
Battalion of Saints Modern Day Heroes Fighting Boys EP
The Undertones True Confessions Teenage Kicks
Swingin' Utters Brand New Lungs Here Under Protest
The Skull Defekts Knives, Birds, Stones & Pyramids The Temple

Dead Arm

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