Fancy Pants-less Radio on Thu 6/2/11

Kinsella and Kinsella-related show.

Artist Title Album New
American Football Never Meant Fireside Bowl, Chicago IL
The One Up Downstairs Champaign The One Up Downstairs EP
Owen Bed Abuse I Do Perceive
Algebro Money Spends, Jesus Saves The Algebro Album
Cap'n Jazz Oh Messy Life Analphabetapolothology
The Sky Corvair Dinky Rope Dog Any Speed
Tim Kinsella Fondu or Don't Crucifix Swastika
Joan Of Arc A Tell-Tale Penis Boo Human
Owls Holy Fucking Ghost Owls
Lemuria Pleaser Pebble
Man Man Shameless Life Fantastic
Friend/Enemy Do the Stand on One Foot Dance to the Radio Rodeo 10 Songs
Make Believe Pat Tillman, Emmitt Till Of Course
Ghosts and Vodka Sex Is Popular Precious Blood
The Promise Ring B Is For Bethlehem Nothing Feels Good
Maritime Apple of My Irony Human Hearts
Sloan Follow The Leader The Double Cross
Noyes This Is The Bad 1 Noyes
The Love Of Everything Drive Through Rainbow Superior Mold And Die
Braid Killing a Camera Frame & Canvas
Hey Mercedes Eleven To Your Seven Everynight Fire Works
Trees & Stars To: Night From: Me Kientz EP
Everyoned You Wear It Like Smoke Everyoned

Fancy Pants-less Radio

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Warm up this winter with some twinkly emo jams, laid back rock, and inspirational pop-punk, all bundled up in a toasty 2 hour blanket of fun. Includes some folk, experimental, noodles, midwestern 90s emo sounds, and other buffoonery.
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