Fancy Pants-less Radio on Thu 6/9/11

Artist Title Album New
Adam Taylor New York No Poet
Coconut Records Drummer Davy
Bearstronaut Wire Broken Handclaps
Aeroplane, 1929 Tow-Headed Boy (Achluophobia) Original Sin
I'm From Barcelona Dr. Landy Forever Today
Algebrahs We Fall Asleep In Pears The Scatter Brain Demo
Algernon Cadwallader Uniform Parrot Flies
Alice's Adventures Pastnastification Alice's Adventures EP
Cantrev Caffidor The Dream At Rest We're Setting Sail EP
A Million Years California Smile Mischief Maker
Carnivores Chandelier Chandelier
Arches Wide Awake Arches EP
Panda Bear Surfer's Hymn Tomboy
The Consecos There She Goes(Six Pence None The Richer) Biff Swenson Presents: Cover Up
Art Museums Oh Modern Girls Rough Frame
Cloak/Dagger Surf Song Untitled EP
Ba Babes Holy Ghost Hate The Beach
Overlord I Don't Either In Soviet Russia My Heart Breaks You
Captain of Compliments Love Is A Bad Thing A Shared Celebration Chase Miller
The Bouncing Souls Big Eyes Ghosts On The Boardwalk
Man Man Knuckle Down Life Fantastic
Cynics Dave & Angela Dave & Angela EP
Bewilder I Wasn't Going To But You Kinda Talked Me Into It This Isn't Life, It's Just Stuff
Cannons Good Morning, Let The Stress Begin Friendly Muscles
Bicycle Sunday Do You Remember The Time You Gave Me A Spoon Bicycle Sunday/Park Jefferson Split
Captain, We're Sinking Gunner Merring Will Have His Revenge It's A Trap!
Ataxia Sides, The Automatic Writing

Fancy Pants-less Radio

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Warm up this winter with some twinkly emo jams, laid back rock, and inspirational pop-punk, all bundled up in a toasty 2 hour blanket of fun. Includes some folk, experimental, noodles, midwestern 90s emo sounds, and other buffoonery.
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