Whatever I Feel Like on Mon 6/13/11

Artist Title Album New
Youssou N'Dour 4-44-44 Give and Take
Miles From India Miles From India It's About that Time
Bill Frisell Probability Cloud History, Mystery
Bill Frisell Struggle History, Mystery
The Black Keys Psychotic Girl Attack & Release
The Black Keys The Black Keys Attack & Release
The Bad Plus Lithium For All I Care
Wilco I Am Trying to Break Your Heart Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Wilco Kamera Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Beach Fossils Moments What a Pleasure
Beach Fossils What a Pleasure What a Pleasure
In One Wind Go Follow John Primary Records Compilation #1
The Building 20 Years Primary Records Compilation #1
Lookalike Black Fox Primary Records Compilation #1
Killer Bob Monastic Primary Records Compilation #1
Fleet Foxes Montezuma Helplessness Blues
Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues Helplessness Blues
Fleet Foxes Lorelai Helplessness Blues
Fleet Foxes Someone You'd Admire Helplessness Blues
Fleet Foxes The Shrine / An Argument Helplessness Blues
The Cinematic Orchestra Child Song Live at the Royal Alber Hall
The Cinematic Orchestra Burn Out Every Day
Mos Def Hip Hop Black on Both Sides
J Dilla Stop Donuts
J Dilla People Donuts

Whatever I Feel Like

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Its whatever I feel like. Because sometimes I feel like jazz, or rock, or soul, or R&B, or other things that aren't even worth classifying into genres. And because this is free format radio and I have the opportunity to not follow a format.