The Naked Gun on Thu 6/23/11

Artist Title Album
Third World War Stardom Road Part II
Ennio Morricone The Thing Theme
Peter & The Test-Tube Babies Banned from the Pubs
Ivy Green Wap Shoo Wap (I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It)
Homosexuals In Search of the Perfect Baby
Motörhead Overkill
Cro-Mags We Gotta Know
Vaselines Dying For It
Sprung Aus Den Wolken Leidenschaftlich (DUB AND DIE)
Captain Beyond Mesmerization Eclipse
The Fall Prole Art Threat
Kraftwerk K2/Ruckzuck (BREMEN RADIO 1971)
Beaver Patrol ESP
Prisoners Bride of Devil
Grong Grong Grong Grong
Killing Joke Pssyche
Our Daughter's Wedding Lawnchairs
Peddlers On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
Pretty Things Miss Fay Regrets
Ronnie Mayor Can't Wait Til The Summer Comes
Dodgems (Baby You're So) Science Fiction
Link Wray Deuces Wild
Predator Paperboy Song
The Eat Communist Radio
Gash In The Sea
Odd Stories Hjärtan Av Glas
Cramps What's Behind The Mask (CHILTON DEMO 1979)
Those Orion 2000
Wes Dakus Sour Biscuits
Holocaust Savage Affection

The Naked Gun

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