The Frequency on Sun 6/26/11

Artist Title Album Label New
Jackie-O Motherfucker Dedication Earth Sound System
Oneida Pre-Human Absolution II
Expo '70 Analog Dreamscape Sonic Messenger
Noveller Kites Calm Desert Fires Desert Fires
Fennesz Perfume for Winter Black Sea
Bong Across the Timestream Beyond Ancient Space
The Skull Defekts Skull and Tounge The Temple
White Hills Paradise H-p1
Graveyard Hisingen Blues Hisingen Blues
Spacemen 3 Take Me to the Other Side Perfect Prescription
Psychic Teens Red Demo
The Sisters of Mercy Lucretia My Reflection Floodland
Moon Women Light Moves Slowly Light Moves Slowly 7"
Group Doueh Zaya Koum Zayna Jumma
Cocteau Twins Fluffy Tufts Victorialand
Tamaryn Dawning The Waves
Zola Jesus Clay Bodies The Spoils
Puerto Rico Flowers 3 Sisters 7
Crystal Stilts Through the Floor In Love with Oblivion
The Bilders Baby Cum Bak Split Seconds
Have a Nice Life Bloodhail Deathconciousness
The Cultural Decay End of the Corridor Eight Ways to Start a Day
Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft Ich und die Wirklichkeit Alles ist Gut
M Ax Noi Mach Suicide is in the Air In the Shadows
Laibach Trans-National Opus Dei
Esplendor Geometrico Belew Mekano-Turbo
Minimal Man Now I Want It All The Shroud of
Godflesh Wake Songs of Love and Hate
Coil Penetralia Horse Rotorvator
Throbbing Gristle Hit by a Rock D.O.A.
Tombs Cold Dark Eyes Path to Totality

The Frequency

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Tune in every Sunday night from 20:00 to 22:00 for a variety of music spanning the decades: classic and modern psychedelia, shoegaze, indie rock, twee, post punk, garage, avant garde, industrial, folk, and punk.
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